That Bitch Big M!

Why am I the way I am?

I don’t suffer from anxiety because I can control my anxiety. If I didn’t know how to manage it and control it, then I would say that I do suffer from anxiety.

Anxiety causes me to get palpitations and palpitations make me anxious! Damn things! If I drink more than two or three glasses of wine, I’ll have palpitations the next day. When Glo is the dominant personality here, the limit of two glasses is strictly adhered to!


Last Sunday I was out for dinner with Stephano and Little Miss Six, and I consumed three glasses of white wine. I was fine; we were home about 8pm and in bed before 11. Oh yes…..I did have a gin and tonic too! The next morning my chest felt really heavy and I was wrecked! Shallow breathing and palpitations. I ignored it for a while and by lunchtime, I lay down for a wee meditation.

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So This is What Erin at Unbound Roots Wants to Know!


So who is Erin? She is a lovely lady who writes at Unbound Roots. She is a true lover of nature and her blog has a strong focus on staying healthy and active through outdoor pursuits. Not just in the physical sense but also in a way that will encourage you to stop for a while and enjoy the present moment – take some time to smell the roses! Her cheerful and sincere personality shines through her writing and it’s my guess that she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Check out her blog and you’ll see what I mean!

Erin wants to know all these things about me and 10 other bloggers and I don’t often refuse the opportunity to talk about myself. And I know I’m not the only one so don’t roll your eyes!

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

Okay – for those who don’t know this. I am the alter ego of Gloria who is quite sensible and follows good advice when it’s given to her. And I, Tasheenga, am often moody, anxious, sarcastic and just want to have fun. Gloria has a blog that is all about sensible things like taking care of yourself and every time I try to voice my opinion on that blog, Gloria shuts me down and scolds me. (Very hurtful) So my input on We Are Holistic is very limited indeed. So I started my own blog. Now I can write all about my adventures with my friends and talk about my writing without being told to shut-up. Welcome to The Rambles of a Raving Writer! 

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The Other Side of Me!

Seriously, I cannot believe this is happening! I couldn’t sleep last night for fear of my little blog being abandoned. Fear that I, Tasheenga will get pushed deep down into the depths of the psyche. Hidden away from the world, like a sea creature lurking in the bottom of the ocean. Told to shut up and stay out of the way! “Hide away Tasheenga and don’t embarrass me.”

She says I’m a bad influence you know!


That Hurts!


Gloria, the one over on We Are Holistic. Yes, her that has the fancy blog, the one with all the serious stuff on it about health and taking care of yourself! There’ll be no listening to her now! She just made the longlist for the 2017 V by Very Blog Awards! Oh yeah, I like the way poor Tasheenga here didn’t even get a mention. 

She’ll be stuck over there now 24-7 keeping it all in order. Writing more ‘serious’ stuff. She’ll get all of Stephano’s attention too! If I try to give her any help, she’ll push me aside and tell me to shut up! Oh yeah, the usual scenario! She only wants me when she gets bored and when she wants to have a laugh with all those other bloggers from Big Up Your Blog.

She’s so annoying you know! She pushes me off the laptop when she has something better to write on her blog! As if mine isn’t just as important! She thinks she’s more superior than me you know. Foolish woman! I’m the personality and I was here first! She’s a blow-in!! I was doing just fine until she came into my life – somewhere in my twenties! 

What is it with people as they get older? They push the likes of me away from society and pretend we don’t exist. Going around all worried about everything. My hair this, my face that, my body, my clothes…….Instead of letting the real person shine! Then as they approach their fifties……Yoo Hoo!! They begin to unleash the best part of themselves again! Bring it on baby! 


Gloria has no idea what’s on my bucket list! Hee Hee!

So there ya have it! I have no idea when this will all fizzle out! She might qualify for the next round – and maybe she won’t. How will I cope until then? I’ll be sooooo bored. How can I convince her to let me help? There’s no talking to her when she’s in one of these moods. God….she’s so boring sometimes!!