Two wooden hearts

Charli’s 99 word flash fiction prompt this week is to include stilettos, who will wear them and why. I contemplated telling the story about the night I nearly broke my neck in a pair, but it’s too embarrassing. Some other time maybe! Here’s a wee love story instead.


My sister Ann insisted a night out would stop me lamenting over my recent break-up with my boyfriend Joe.

‘Wear your red suede stilettos.’

‘Are they not a bit fancy?’

‘Not for where we’re going,’ she smiled.

I followed Ann to our table in the restaurant—that was already occupied by someone else.

‘What are you doing here?’ I blurted.

‘Meeting my sister,’ he replied.

‘Eh…no you’re not,’ said Ann. She scarpered. I sat opposite him.

‘You’re wearing my favourite shirt.’

‘And you’re wearing those shoes.’ He grinned and I blushed.

‘I’m sorry Joe.’

‘So am I.’

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