‘Terrified’-Sacha Black’s Writespiration!

As part of my writing exercise schedule, I decided to take part in Sacha Black’s 52 Week Writespiration.

Sacha gives a writing prompt or picture every week for 52 weeks and we have to tell our story in EXACTLY 52 words. I’m jumping in here at week 42 and the prompt this week is, Terrified.

“See you later,” she said.

“You will,” I replied.

I spoke with a smile but inside I cried.

I started to sweat, I put down my phone

My legs were jelly, I was chilled to the bone.

Fear engulfed me, it turned my hair curly

How will I survive dinner with Shirley!?





17 thoughts on “‘Terrified’-Sacha Black’s Writespiration!

  1. lol; very funny and I have to say its a heck of a challenge; exactly 52 words. I engage with another blogger who writes anything between 1 and 20 word stories, I reply taking what she puts and twisting the reply comment into the same length in response.
    This is fabulous practice too 🙂

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  2. Dear Tasheenga, It’s too cruel! It’s like getting a taste of your favourite food and you turn away for a second and when you turn back someone has taken it away. Or a sip of favourite wine and then you spill it 🤣! Can we have some More Please! X x x


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