Batty Shirley!

Conversations with Snooty Shirley are frustrating since she misplaced her hearing aid.

‘I’ve just seen several bats flying around my house,’ she shrieked. ‘Nasty little creatures! Where do you suppose they live?’

Stephano sighed. ‘With an old bat in a nearby cave.’

‘Don’t be silly. There’s no cave around here,’ she retorted.

‘There’s one a few doors away,’ he smirked.

‘I can’t hear you. Speak up,’ Shirley demanded.


Her eyes bored into him.

Stephano has known for ages that Shirley has furry little tenants in her attic!

He’s not quite ready to tell her yet!

Lady bat night night

Batty Shirley is in response to Charli’s flash fiction challenge. 99 words; no more, no less.

April 12: Flash Fiction Challenge


That Bitch Big M!

Why am I the way I am?

I don’t suffer from anxiety because I can control my anxiety. If I didn’t know how to manage it and control it, then I would say that I do suffer from anxiety.

Anxiety causes me to get palpitations and palpitations make me anxious! Damn things! If I drink more than two or three glasses of wine, I’ll have palpitations the next day. When Glo is the dominant personality here, the limit of two glasses is strictly adhered to!


Last Sunday I was out for dinner with Stephano and Little Miss Six, and I consumed three glasses of white wine. I was fine; we were home about 8pm and in bed before 11. Oh yes…..I did have a gin and tonic too! The next morning my chest felt really heavy and I was wrecked! Shallow breathing and palpitations. I ignored it for a while and by lunchtime, I lay down for a wee meditation.

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Slippery Showers in Slow Motion!


One thing that always cheers me up is my besties and because they’re not within reach at the moment I have no choice but to have a little wander down memory lane. This is one memory that I’ll never forget and always makes me laugh!

This one time in Scout camp, Esmeralda and I decided that our baby wipe showers were only truly effective for a day or two. It was now day four and we had to brave the communal showers. Yes, communal! Now that might be no big deal for some people but I’ve never ever had to share my shower with anybody. My mother threw us all into the same bath when we were very young, but that’s different.

After several cups of coffee and faffing around for a couple of hours, we gathered ourselves and started walking. We ploughed through the gutters in our wellies and matching anoraks with our toiletries and fluffy towels in 2 Lidl bags.

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Colder Than Ice

Today I’m taking part in February 15 Flash Fiction Challenge for Charli over at Carrot Ranch. The prompt is; In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story on ice. 

Romantic notions in a young maidens head,

Seeking out her kindred spirit, gullible and blithe.

She watched the man across the room, eyes met,

Her’s green like precious emeralds, his were icy blue.


So began his obsession, his something new,

A faithful damsel to fuel his insolence.

He stole her soul and beat it down,

She became a prisoner in his petulant world.


Two thousand days of torment and suffering

In the heavy hands of a furious man.

Void of compassion, frost in his veins,  

His heart was colder than ice.

Freedom for the maiden came with a price!



I Found My Writers

Yes, it’s quite a solitary thing. Writing. No-one to bounce ideas off except yourself. It’s hard work trying to discuss your WIP with someone who has absolutely no interest in what you’re talking about. They pretend they’re listening but the glazed faraway look gives the game away.

This is the main reason why I want to join a writer’s group. To talk about words with people who are interested and to get feedback on my writing. I know of a group that meets just a five-minute walk from where I live but not at a time or day that suits me. Well, I’ve finally found a group that meets on an evening that I’m free. At long last!


So This is What Erin at Unbound Roots Wants to Know!


So who is Erin? She is a lovely lady who writes at Unbound Roots. She is a true lover of nature and her blog has a strong focus on staying healthy and active through outdoor pursuits. Not just in the physical sense but also in a way that will encourage you to stop for a while and enjoy the present moment – take some time to smell the roses! Her cheerful and sincere personality shines through her writing and it’s my guess that she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Check out her blog and you’ll see what I mean!

Erin wants to know all these things about me and 10 other bloggers and I don’t often refuse the opportunity to talk about myself. And I know I’m not the only one so don’t roll your eyes!

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

Okay – for those who don’t know this. I am the alter ego of Gloria who is quite sensible and follows good advice when it’s given to her. And I, Tasheenga, am often moody, anxious, sarcastic and just want to have fun. Gloria has a blog that is all about sensible things like taking care of yourself and every time I try to voice my opinion on that blog, Gloria shuts me down and scolds me. (Very hurtful) So my input on We Are Holistic is very limited indeed. So I started my own blog. Now I can write all about my adventures with my friends and talk about my writing without being told to shut-up. Welcome to The Rambles of a Raving Writer! 

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