#FookFifty – I’ll Kiss Your Ass!

Holy smoke I can’t believe it
I’m on this planet 50 years.
How time flies! Where did it go?
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So This is What Erin at Unbound Roots Wants to Know!


So who is Erin? She is a lovely lady who writes at Unbound Roots. She is a true lover of nature and her blog has a strong focus on staying healthy and active through outdoor pursuits. Not just in the physical sense but also in a way that will encourage you to stop for a while and enjoy the present moment – take some time to smell the roses! Her cheerful and sincere personality shines through her writing and it’s my guess that she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Check out her blog and you’ll see what I mean!

Erin wants to know all these things about me and 10 other bloggers and I don’t often refuse the opportunity to talk about myself. And I know I’m not the only one so don’t roll your eyes!

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

Okay – for those who don’t know this. I am the alter ego of Gloria who is quite sensible and follows good advice when it’s given to her. And I, Tasheenga, am often moody, anxious, sarcastic and just want to have fun. Gloria has a blog that is all about sensible things like taking care of yourself and every time I try to voice my opinion on that blog, Gloria shuts me down and scolds me. (Very hurtful) So my input on We Are Holistic is very limited indeed. So I started my own blog. Now I can write all about my adventures with my friends and talk about my writing without being told to shut-up. Welcome to The Rambles of a Raving Writer! 

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Tasheenga & Glo Will Revisit The Sex Scene at a Later Date!

I can’t take all the credit for writing 50,000 words in a month. It took discipline, perseverance, dedication and the ability to say no to unnecessary social outings. (Unnecessary?) Gloria has all those things and is very capable of exercising these wonderful talents when she puts her mind to it. Me – not really! She shoves me into a box when she means business and I’ll tell you, it’s suffocating. However, she needs me for this novel.

Between the two of us, we’ve been scribbling notes here and there, writing half chapters in notebooks and we thought it was well on until we signed up for NaNoWriMo2017. That’s when we realised two things;

  1. We weren’t as well on as we thought because when we gathered up our notes and bits of chapters, we had about 1,000 words! 49,000 to go just to win NaNo and about another 40,000 after that. Luckily it was all in the head – very mixed up but there nonetheless.
  2. We are both in conflict with this novel. I want more laughing moments in it and Glo wants all this heartbreak and pain and revenge…… shocking depressing!

Even though taking part in NaNo was exciting and fulfilling, there were a few times when the word count wasn’t as we hoped and the winner’s badge seemed like it was at the end of a rainbow.

At one point Glo looked like she was the oldest character in the book. Maud aged 88. Going around with wild fuzzy hair, the grey strands getting longer each day as they struggled to rid themselves of the clinging stains of Clariol Nice’n Easy. Each evening she sat huddled at the fire wrapped in the Galway shawl. When the laptop wasn’t on her lap, it was a book called “Are The Irish Different?” (Yes Glo, they sure are, which is why I pretend I’m from India)

During week 3 she let me out of my box to help with a sarcastic scene, and I immediately dragged her kicking and screaming into the shower. (I don’t lie.) If someone had called to the house unexpectedly, seriously, authorities may have got involved.

In Brief 

Two sisters, Rose and Nancy, are abandoned at a young age by their cruel mother shortly after their father dies. Their aunt takes them in and although she’s very strict, she looks after them as best she can. Their childhood affects both of them differently as the years pass by. As young adults, they experience love, pain, disappointment and regrets.

They have a friend called Kathleen, who I invented – me, Tasheenga – because she’s a bit of a laugh. And there’s a couple of other characters who might not stay. We’ll see how they get on!

Then there’s Nancy. Now she’s not as fortunate as Rose and her memories of her mother are not happy ones. Nancy has issues and low self-esteem and life is a dark sad place for her. I get to choose what decisions she makes! Although I haven’t decided on her fate just yet.


In the middle of writing one particular scene, I insisted that Rose and Benny were mad to have…..you know….. ‘it’. They wanted to do ‘it’ there and then. Well, Glo nearly had a heart attack and almost went to mass to apologise for contemplating such a thing. She growled at me saying it was a bit early on a Sunday morning to be thinking about things like that. A quick text to Mohotma & Saphirra for advice; Saphirra said ‘A kiss and a cuddle will do them rightly‘ and Mohotma said ‘Let them at it.

I think part of the problem is that the story is set in rural Ireland in the early 1950s and you just didn’t discuss such things. There was plenty of it going on because boy they had big families back in those days. And with Glo wearing that hairy shawl around the house and drinking Guinness instead of wine, she’s getting too much into character. (Eye roll)

I suggested we put the scene to one side and the amateurs that we are, we’ll do a bit of research on how to write a sex love scene delicately and tastefully. Although I’ve got a feeling that I’ll be put back into the box when we revisit that particular chapter!

My Two Apostles

It was very exciting watching the word count rise as the days went on, keeping Mohotma Coatalay and Saphirra up to date with screenshots of our progress. With still a day and a half left, we validated our 50,000+ words and got the winner’s badge and certificate. Aw….the video at the end! Emotional!

At last, Glo and I have the first draft more or less completed. Yes, there’s so much more work to be done, revision, re-writes (stuff we don’t know about yet) but we are optimistic.

Mohotma Coatalay and Saphirra are happy to put up with my hangry episodes but just wait until they experience one of my writing frustration tantrums! If they still like me by the time I write ‘The End’ on the last page, then I’ll know that they’re my forever friends!

Throwing writing in the air

Tasheenga Attempts #NaNo

Yes, I’ve been quiet for a while. Been busy doing stuff. But mostly I’ve been preparing for NaNoWriMo 2017. Gathering my notes and trying to get ahead with other things like housework. Get ahead with housework? I forgot that ain’t possible!

When I took on the task of writing 50,000 words during the month of November, I forgot about that thing called ‘life’. Family responsibilities, health issues and friends coming for the weekend (I’ll talk about them in a minute).

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‘Terrified’-Sacha Black’s Writespiration!

As part of my writing exercise schedule, I decided to take part in Sacha Black’s 52 Week Writespiration.

Sacha gives a writing prompt or picture every week for 52 weeks and we have to tell our story in EXACTLY 52 words. I’m jumping in here at week 42 and the prompt this week is, Terrified.

“See you later,” she said.

“You will,” I replied.

I spoke with a smile but inside I cried.

I started to sweat, I put down my phone

My legs were jelly, I was chilled to the bone.

Fear engulfed me, it turned my hair curly

How will I survive dinner with Shirley!?




Meet Shirley & Terence – My New Neighbours

A couple of months ago, I told you about My Perfect New Neighbour (to be).  

So, who has been blessed with the privilege of living next door to moi? It’s the woman who sat in her car eating a family-size chocolate bar. Her name is Shirley and her husband is Terence. Aren’t they the lucky ones! Are we lucky to be living next door to them though? That is the question!

My dream neighbour specification; Someone friendly, quiet, my age, has one child aged six, wants to join a writing group, likes to go chéile dancing, likes to go for walks (on my terms), enjoys the occasional glass of wine and Guinness, listens to André Rieu, understands good ole Irish banter & sarcasm, and knows how to boil the kettle properly.

Did I get my dream neighbour? No, of course not. 


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Come Dine With Me Spanish Style!

So the big night arrived. The final dinner in the Come Dine With Me 2017 Competition, hosted by yours truly. All my plotting and planning had come together quite nicely.

I decided on the Spanish theme a couple of months ago when I took Little Miss Six Year Old to a birthday party. They had a piñata and boy were they having a fabulous time. Some of the kids scared me a bit – they were ruthless!


Poor Piñata

I had fleeting images of Mohotma Coatalay thrashing the bejaysus out of one of these things. That’s when the idea came to me. Weh hey!!! A Spanish Dinner Party! With a piñata!

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